Melanated Money Mondays, presents:

a Labor Day OF LOVE (The Reunion)



"a Labor Day of Love" is a day to unite communities and highlight black-owned businesses in various cities around the world, simultaneously, on one accord.

Although most events are tailored around holiday observances, we’ve chosen to celebrate on this particular day. Regardless if families are traveling to various cities for family gatherings, there will always be an event or an attraction in the city they convene to have 'family day' outings to explore historic and notable landmarks for local collectibles, souvenirs and family fun.

We envision these unified gatherings as “The Reunion”.  Where families from all over come together to enjoy each other, share successes, laughs, tears and fellowship and leave inspired.

The reunions are open to the public and all are welcome.  Each city will have a chapter leader and organization team that will orchestrate the events in accordance with all city and state guidelines.  Within each chapter, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to a local business or charity that is in need of financial assistance, to help strengthen their individual community.


"The Reunion" will be held every year, on a Monday, Labor Day.

Our mission is to build our communities by collaborating, connecting, and communicating with families from around the world.  It’s a reunion...and 'We family'!


Each event will offer African American vendors the opportunity to share their goods and services to the community in a fun-filled environment.  From crafts, literature, and culinary cuisines, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  While guests are shopping or filling their stomachs, we will provide entertainment, whether live bands or dynamic DJs to fill the atmosphere with melodic sounds of joy, happiness, and good vibes. 

This is a family-friendly environment.

During the reunion, there will be an allotted time for a guest speaker to offer encouraging words to guests.  This time will be posted on flyers and media outlets for those to plan accordingly for this presentation.  Because we will be in multiple cities at the same time, the speaker will be live-streamed for all other participating locations to view at their location (if permitted) or via social media.



We look forward to seeing you all there at "The Reunion": Vendor Edition 2020.


Sponsorship Categories:

  • Music /Entertainment Sponsor

  • Media Sponsor

  • Food/Water Sponsor

  • Tech Sponsor

  • Keynote Speaker Sponsor (Hotel, travel, food, etc.)

  • Promotional Items

  • Security Sponsor: Local Police Dept $20/hr per officer

  • Medical Sponsor: $20/hr (2 Medical Professionals on-site)

Sponsorship Opportunity Levels:

  1. Legacy 

  2. Family

  3. Cousin

Community Benefit:

Museum/College/Local African American Venue: % of event revenue.

Local businesses or non-profit identified within the community will receive funds for economic growth.

Contact us for all sponsorship inquiries: