Melanated Money Mondays     , was birthed out of

frustration through the contractions of injustices

that continued to push on the nation and around

the world.  With the added heightened unrests of

2020, and societal environment looming in the

shadows of a pandemic, the final trimester

was here and something was bound to be

birthed, pushed through…refusing to be aborted



On May 29, 2020, Kalaani Reynolds

went into labor after being challenged to action

with a simple message:


 “what would you have done”?

She didn't have an answer, but she used the social platform she'd expressed her anger and hurt to create

Melanated Money Mondays.  


A group to promote and highlight black-owned businesses and encourage all people to buy from black-owned entities. Although the initial intention was to encourage spending within the black business communities, designated on Mondays, it has morphed into a conglomerate of daily requests for black-owned businesses. Since its inception, May 29, 2020, she and her team have amassed over 46k active members, in 26 states and 3 countries, contributing to the black community and the economic growth within. An organization that is Charleston, SC-based, but not Charleston bound.
The focal point of M3 is to encourage effective communication, collaboration, and community for a better economic system among black entrepreneurs and consumers alike.  To accomplish this task, Kalaani has organized a team to identify chapter leaders in various cities, nationally.  Within each city, the team will designate a black-owned establishment to host various events throughout the year.  These events will highlight local black businesses within the community and also contribute funds to a specific need within that black community.

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