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Focus Group: M3 APP
BETA Testers

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of our continuous efforts to help grow and promote black-owned businesses around the globe and all consumers seeking their services.  

Please click the submit button below.


We want YOU to be a part!

What would...

MORE views, MORE likesMORE shares,
do for your
BUSINESS GROWTH in the New Year?

Successful Restaurant Owner
black man time.jpeg

Would it save you time if...

You are seeking services
and were able to support and locate a
Black-Owned business IMMEDIATELY?

Business Owners...

Would YOUR business GROW
if there was a way for consumers
to find your services INSTANTLY?

Website App image.jpeg

By Us. For All.

How We Started vs.

Where We're Going...

Since being founded May 29, 2020, our group has expanded dramatically.


But one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to excellence and our mission to promote and support Black-Owned Businesses around the WORLD.

As we continue to grow and evolve with more ways to connect consumers to Black-Owned businesses, we want you to come along for the ride in this NEXT phase.

This is a unique invite for you to participate and interact with our brand and the M3 App in a whole new way; from the beginning.

Black-Owned Food truck.jpg

By Us. For All.

All family members of Melanated Money Mondays Facebook (public) Group are encouraged to submit to participate.  To ensure we are addressing Black-Owned business' needs, we also want to ensure we are addressing all those seeking to support and locate them.

What better way, than to have ALL of the M3 family participate in the development of the M3 App to ensure  it meets YOUR needs FIRST.

We started with YOU in mind, and that's how we will continue to grow: Keeping our Black-Owned businesses and all consumers at the forefront.


Group 1.png


Become an M3 App BETA Tester

For Consumers,

You will see FIRST-HAND the look and feel for your search experience and will be given the opportunity to suggest options that would enhance your search capabilities for IMMEDIATE access and accessibility to businesses in your area.  We serve over 34 states and 10 countries and counting!

For Black-Owned Businesses,

You will not only get the same opportunity to submit your suggestions, but also:

• You will have the opportunity to be featured in the App BEFORE anyone else.

• Your business will be FEATURED on the Melanated Money Mondays Facebook Group with over 400k+      views each month!
• To show our appreciation for your participation, your business will receive YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE            after launch. 
• M3 Event vendor discounts, and SO MUCH more!

Click the "submit" below and join us!

Launch With Us!

As a supporting Consumer and member your contribution in helping others know where to go to find Black-Owned Businesses, increases community connectivity and economic growth for all.

As a Black-Owned Business, your contribution helps consumers locate and patronize your business from around the world.  Whether virtual/online, brick and mortar, author, artist, speaker, etc., we want your feedback!

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